History of MUSECC

Museum Climate Controls is a division of Micro Climate Technology Inc., and is dedicated to assist museums, archives and libraries in protecting timeless and priceless artifacts.

In 1984, Mr. Jim Forrestalll, head of the physical plans of the ROM, came to Mr. Al Jacobs with a summary of the black box specifications. He requested to develop this unit. After a year of development, work and testing, the first micro climate generator was patented by Mr. Jacobs. Subsequently a new company was formed: Micro Climate Technology Inc. , in 1985 by Mr. Jacobs and an order for 80 units was placed by the ROM in that year. In 1992, Mr. Jacobs engaged the services of Mr. Jeff Mak to further enhance the capabilities of the unit, most importantly making the unit temperature compensating as well as including data logging capabilities.
As the interest was growing among museums around the world, it became obvious that a central unit was required to condition a large number of cases with a total volume of up to 7000 cubic feet (200m3). Again, Al Jacobs developed this unit and the first one was sold to the Royal Ontario Museum in December of 1993.

We provide equipment, service, consulting and support based on innovative technologies and over 23 years experience in the field. We believe in working closely with our customers to ensure cost effective and long lasting solutions to their conservation needs.